Thursday, August 19, 2004

Bringing Home the Bacon and Then Some
Talk about a self-made woman: 25 year-old Crystal Lacey Winslow has sold 70,000 copies of her self-published book Life, Love and Loneliness, an urban drama which has been on the Essence bestseller list twice. She has just published her second novel, The Criss-Cross, through her own publishing company, Melodrama Publishing and turned down a two-book deal from Simon and Schuster. Why? Because she worked two full-time jobs for more than a year to be able to afford to publish her own book, market it, and open her bookstore, Melodrama Books & Things,which she hopes to turn into a franchise. But still she says "I am not where I want to be yet." This mogul in the making admits she has no social life but is determined to make something of herself on her own, and keep writing.

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