Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Two New Books on Ghandi Spark Outrage
Mohandas K. Ghandi vanquished British rule in India through strength without violence. Since his assasination in 1948 he has been an icon of peace and resistance in India and throughout the world. Two books recently published in India have caused controversy because their claims may tarnish Ghandi's reputation. Mira & the Mahatma examines Ghandi's relationship with Madeleine Slade, a wealthy Englishwoman who became one of his followers. The book is based on Ghandi's correspondence with her and suggests that he was "disturbed" by his feelings for her. Among other things, the author is being accused of cheap sensationalism.
Ghandi's Prisoner? Written by his own great-granddaughter, examines his relationship with his family, especially his son, whom he prevented from becoming a doctor, insisting he become a farmer.

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