Thursday, December 09, 2004

The Cure for What Ails You
image courtesy of Random HousePaging Aphrodite by Kim Green (Delta $12.00)
When life goes wrong, run. Go to gorgeous Corfu, where if you don't solve your problems you'll at least get a great tan! Four women at different turning points in their lives meet in Corfu where they have each gone to escape and decide their next step. They will each find unexpected friendship in each other and strength in the freedom they have away from their old lives.
Parker is a type-A interior designer from San Francisco whose husband left after eleven days; Anya is convinced her love life is cursed because of a dark secret; Claire is an Australian who decamped after she found out her husband strayed; and Kelah, the youngest, is a Londoner who aches to be a serious novelist and can't seem to write a word.
Parker is convinced that her husband's departure is just a blip on the road to her perfect life, and that he will return, as soon as he gets over whatever it is he needs to get over. Popping pills helps her believe this. It is delicious fun to see her disabused of this idea in a series of hilarious emails from home.

Kelah is clueless about what's really going on with her writing and her non-existent lovelife, and like the book says, it takes a village to set her on the right path. Anya faces her secret and Claire goes after a long-deferred dream.

In between sunning and eating there are men hovering, offering fun and complications. As the women's friendship deepens, they find the strength to challenge what life has handed them (and in Kelah's case to go with the flow) and forge the road to new happiness and success. A delicious and fun read.

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