Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Good Life
imgage:simonsays.comThe Accidental Hunter by Nelson George (Touchstone $13.00)
When a hot R&B singer is abducted from his car, security consultant D. Hunter is hired to deliver the ransom. That's just the beginning of this stylish mystery set in New York's music scene. Hunter owns a security firm that serves the sports and music worlds, and you'll be wondering who is who in this authentic portrayal of the famous at play and in danger.While on the trail of a mysterious biker gang, D. is asked to guard a singer while she works on her transition from pop tart to hip-hop hottie, and an unexpected attraction ensues. When he does act on the attraction between them, it is very troubling that D. doesn't share his HIV-positive status with the singer, but it is probably more true-to-life that anybody cares to admit. Kudos to the author for making D.'s health just a fact. It has affected his health and routine in small but important ways, but has no bearing on anything else. As maneuvers through the A-list maze of agents, lawyers hangouts and hangers-on, it's hard to tell friends from enemies, but D. does just fine.
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