Sunday, May 29, 2005

How Well Read is Your Man?
Britain's prestigous Orange Prize, which recognizes outstanding fiction by women, will be announced on June 7, but chances are few if any men will read the book, or any book by a woman.
Citing a study conducted by Queen Mary College in London, The Observer examines the result the men almost exclusively prefer books written by men while women will read both male and female authors.
"In the survey, men were asked to name the 'most important' book by a woman written in the last two years. Brick Lane by Monica Ali and Carol Shields's Unless were frequently among the replies, but many men admitted defeat and confessed they had no idea. At least one who suggested Brick Lane admitted he had not read it. "

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  1. Anonymous2:33 AM

    Hmmm...interesting study...I am not sure, however, if this idiosyncrasy is only seen among men. I am female and big lover of popular fiction. I tend to read books by female authors almost exclusively...a few exceptions...but that seems to be where I am drawn...the classics, now there is a difference. for instance, i loved the social relevance of upton sinclair's work the jungle and the wry and naughty satire of chaucer's canterbury tales....