Monday, May 23, 2005

Japan's Nobel Laureate Concerned about War
During an appearance in Seoul, Korea, Japanese writer and Nobel laureate Kenzaburo Oescolded the Japanese government for moving toward a military build-up by revising article nine of their constitution, reports the Korea Times.
Article nine in the Japanese constitution "stipulates Japan's renunciation of the use or threat of the use of military force as a means of settling international disputes," reports the Korea Times.
At a conference preceeding the Seoul International Forum for Literature, which starts tomorrow, the 70 year-old Oe , who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1994, said ``We actually run the Japanese Self-Defense Force and administer budgets for it. Indeed, we have already dispatched troops to Iraq. I am deeply worried about the situation, as I think you also would be.''
Oe is known as the chronicler of post-war Japanese society and psyche. His best known works are A Private Matter and The Silent Cry

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