Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Did He or Didn't He?
Polish Novelist gets 25 years for Murder by the Book -- His Book

Krystian Bala wrote Amok in 2003. In it he describes the murder of a woman who is tortured, starved, beaten and hog-tied. Soon after it's publication police in Wroclaw, Poland received an anonymous tip urging them to check out the similarities between the murder in the book and the murder of local businessman Dariusz Janiszewski, a cold case from 2000.
Indeed, Janiszewski was found tied up, beaten, tortured and there was evidence of starvation.
Despite almost having the case dropped for lack of evidence again, Polish police doggedly put together a strong case of circumstantial evidence including the motive: that Bala suspected his wife of having an affair with the businessman and that the dead man's phone was sold by him on an Internet auction site.
Bala has maintained his innocence throughout to no avail. The evidence gathered gives sufficient basis to say that Krystian Bala committed the crime of leading the killing of Dariusz Janiszewski," Judge Lidia Hojenska said. "He was the initiator of the murder; his role was leading and planning it."
He was sentenced yesterday to 25 years in prison.

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