Wednesday, March 02, 2005

China's Literary Bad Girl Settles Down
Shanghai author Mian-Mian reached cult status with her first novel, Candy", a modern tale of youthful desperation chock-full of drugs, booze and sex. When the Chinese government banned the book, it became a bestseller and Mian-Mian reached international fame. Now 34, Mian-Mian is a clean and sober divorced single mom who doesn't go out clubbing anymore (much). Her second novel, Panda Sex (they only have sex twice a year), is about to be published in China. The book is a much quieter look at relationships and the difficulty of finding and sustaining love. "[People] will need time, time to understand what this book is because they are going to be expecting lots of sex, lust, drugs, and my complaints -- such as men are horrible, they treat me like dirt, suicide. But I don't have this inside me anymore," she says. Read the full interview at

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