Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Novelists Begin to Deal With Sept. 11
A number of books released this spring use the 9/11 terrorist attack in various ways, reports The Lakeland (FL) Ledger. Either the horror is recreated and characters are directly affected and must deal with it, or in less immediate ways, the attack is dealt with in literature. Ian McEwan's Saturday, in which the reality of the characters is forever affected by those attacks, and family members examine attitudes about the war and the issues involved. One French bestseller soon coming to U.S. shelves, takes us inside the towers on the day of the attack. "I've had people say it is really obscene and disgusting to do that. But that is the idea of writing fiction about history. It is always shocking. We should not be afraid of writing about what is important," said Beigbeder, the author of the upcoming Windows on the World.

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